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III. Products & Services
IV. Memberships
V. Shipping & Handling Details
VI. Security/Privacy Rights
VII. Copyright Information
V. Shipping & Handling Details
Shipping and Handling times are based on normal USPS delivery times but may be affected by unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances, such as, but not limited to: (weather, acts of God, Government involvement, power outages, terrorists acts, etc.)
Mailed Orders - Our normal S&H time for orders that are charged by Credit Card online and the materials then mailed to us on DVD or Flash Drives is 4-6 weeks maximum after your materials have been received by us.  If you'd like to expedite this process, we'd be glad to place a priority status on your order and complete & return it to you within a maximum timeframe of 2-3 weeks for an additional fee of $20. 
Uploaded orders online will be completed within a maximum 2-3 weeks at the normal charged rate of the product or package.  Rush service is available for the same fee of $20.00 and would take up to 1-2 weeks for completion. (Timeframe includes but is not limited to the following aspects: receiving items via mail or upload, processing order, preparing product, quality control process, packaging and returning finished product by mail.)
Membership shipping times are  also be governed by the stipulations and conditions listed within this section. Rush fees are as listed within the Catalog for members.
Cost of Shipping of materials to M2M, LLC Productions is solely the responsibility of the customer, client or end user. 
*Shipment of certain private content or special messages will be protected by USPS signature delivery options. Additional protection is available at the request of the customer. Appropriate Additional fees/charges will apply.*
Rush Service
See amount of rush service fees listed above & in Charge & Fee section.  These fees will be charged  upfront. Memories2Music, LLC guarantees to process all rush orders as quickly as possible; however, please see conditions under S&H section.* Unless otherwise requested, the most cost effective USPS shipping option will always be chosen to deliver the customers materials to them within the expected or set timeframe.
Damage Waiver-Disclaimer
Memories2Music, LLC Productions cannot & will not be held responsible for items damaged or lost during shipment or delivery. Therefore, we advise the customer to do the following: 1) Do not send the original items. Send copies only! 2) Please ensure your products are packed properly and mailed securely and we recommend purchasing insurance to protect them during shipment. We protect all of our items shipped from our business to consumers with cost-effective insurance options. This does not apply to free DVD requested materials. 
Local Residents
Memories2Music does deliver to the majority of the El Paso & Teller County areas. To confirm if we deliver to your specific location or if we can deliver to areas outside of El Paso & Teller counties, please feel free to inquire. If delivery is available, an additional fee/charge may be applied to your order.
Memories2Music Flash IntroHome-OverviewContact Us!M2M Order Catalog M2M Online Order FormM2M Membership RegistrationM2M Terms & ConditionsM2M Blog