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III. Products & Services
IV. Memberships
V. Shipping & Handling Details
VI. Security/Privacy Rights
VII. Copyright Information
III. Products & Services
All orders are processed within 24-48hrs of the order being placed during business days (48-72hrs for orders placed during the weekend) and after payment information has been confirmed.  M2M, LLC reserves the right to refuse certain order or membership requests at the sole discretion of the owner(s). The end user will be contacted and communicated to about the rejection of any request via email or phone within 24-72hrs. The appropriate measure(s) will be taken to credit any payment(s) made. 
Package offers & options may not be mixed or merged without the authorization or approval of Memories2Music, LLC owners/operators. All package contents are clearly listed and labeled within the M2M catalog. 
Service Options (Mini, Membership, Regular)
Service options may be changed and/or cancelled at any time at the sole discretion of the owner of Members2Music, LLC.
At this time, Memories2Music, LLC only does VHS tape to DVD conversions. Additional types & formats of conversions will be made available in the near future. The process of converting a tape to DVD only changes the format of the original stored data and may not improve the visual or audible quality of the original material submitted. Memories2Music will attempt to remove the majority of any visual imperfections from the submitted material to be converted but in no way, makes any claim, promise or guarantee to be able to improve or remove any or all visual or audio flaws, defects, or blemishes of the original format. We do guarantee that the quality of the finished product will be acceptable by industry standards and not less than the original format submitted.
Free DVD Requests
Free DVD Demos are limited to 1 order per month, per individual, per household/address. All four genres may be requested per one DVD. All free DVD Demos and Samples are examples & for illustrative purposes only and not claimed to be the exact representation of the final product ordered or requested. At this time no charges will be applied to these requests. S&H charges could apply in the future at the sole discretion of the owner(s). Normal Shipping and Handling times will apply. Please see our S&H section...

Memories2Music, LLC uses musical selections based on availability and industry standards regarding royalty, rights, and copyright permissions. The majority of, if not all, musical selections used are obtained through royalty free companies and/or organizations. Songs or music composed, created and/or recorded by the original artist and musicians may or may not be available per copyright laws. Memories2Music makes no claim to own any rights to music used or selected unless otherwise specified.  
Product Quality
We use top quality DVD-Rs to make all videos and conversions. DVD-Rs should work with most major brand name DVD players & computers. Each disc holds 4.7 GB of information or 120 minutes of video. Manufacturer warranties will be appropriately enforced and applied for all products sold.
Photos shown for product advertisement are for illustrative purposes only.
Memories2Music Flash IntroHome-OverviewContact Us!M2M Order Catalog M2M Online Order FormM2M Membership RegistrationM2M Terms & ConditionsM2M Blog